Rewarding And Challenging Employees:

For Profits In Masonry

"...after seeing and hearing what can be done by approaching my business using some of the Lang Masonry ideas, I am excited as I was 24 years ago when I started this business."
- Charles Berkebile, President, Charles Berkebile Masonry, Inc.

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R.A.C.E. BookDamian Lang is President of Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc. and the EZ Grout Corporation. He has worked in the masonry industry for 20 years in all positions from mason tender to owner of a multi-million dollar masonry contracting business. After years of experience in owning and operating a successful business within the masonry industry, Damian drew on his jobsite experience to create the Grout Hog® and Mud Hog® products which are now being used by masons throughout the United States and several foreign markets. Beyond his mechanical innovations, Damian realized early on in his career that the greatest resource in his masonry business was the labor force. He set out to develop a program that would motivate his employees without sacrificing safety, quality, or production. Thus, the R.A.C.E. incentive program model was born and refined over several years.

Damian's business practices have generated unbelievable results for his organization and created a solid, successful reputation for Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc. that surpasses the boundaries of any service area. Contractors and even competitors have traveled to his facility for insight on how to model their pay programs for success. With years of experience using the system in his own company, Damian has developed a truly unique balance in rewarding and challenging employees using incentive systems and increasing company sales. This book offers the reader real-world solutions to real-world jobsite issues. Want to know how to use incentive across your masonry organization? From top managers, estimators, secretaries, foremen, to field labor, it's all covered. There's virtually no guesswork. Facts, figures, and forms are all included within this easy-to-read format narrated by the system creator himself, Damian Lang.