Award-Winning Commerical & Industrial Contractors

Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc. began in 1984. Through high productivity standards and the dedication of the employees, the business has grown into one of the top mason contracting businesses in the nation.

Focusing on commercial and industrial projects, Lang Masonry continues to concentrate on the basics that got them where they are—safety, quality, and production.

Damian Lang founded EZ Grout Corporation in 1998 as a sister company to Lang Masonry to provide labor-saving equipment to the masonry business. In the over 25 years since, EZ Grout Corporation, now doing business as EZG Manufacturing, has honed their precision metal fabrication services, and has expanded to include precast, refractory, concrete, construction, specialty, and fencing equipment along with its award winning EZ Grout equipment line. EZG Manufacturing also has their own custom fabrication and design shop to meet all their clients’ unique needs.

In 2015, Damian Lang teamed up with leading safety experts and engineering professionals to form Malta Dynamics, with a mission to manufacture the best possible products that deliver the perfect combination of efficiency, durability, and affordability.
Today, Malta Dynamics offers a complete set of fall protection solutions for indoor and outdoor work including mobile fall protection – providing overhead anchoring systems anywhere, safety harnesses, self-retracting lifelines, lanyards, anchors, PPE, and training – competent person and fall protection awareness course.

At Buckeye Construction & Restoration, our mission is to create value through building communities, relationships, careers, and yes, buildings. Our experienced and highly trained craftsmen restore, preserve, and protect facilities throughout the country. We offer industry-leading services to ensure a stronger, longer-lasting, and beautiful structure. Unlike other companies that might shy away from complex projects, we meet even the most complicated jobs head on to deliver solutions that go above and beyond your expectations.

Construction, renovation, and even landscaping all involve a team of specialized laborers working together to create a cohesive result. Everyone contributes their unique skill set to the project so that every part of the whole gets done efficiently and correctly — and our construction labor staffing business will help connect you with those experts.
3 Promise Labor Services provides skilled and experienced masons, heavy machinery operators, mason laborers and general trade laborers to Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky and surrounding areas.


From the Start

JVS Masonry was founded in May 2004 and has been dedicated to the art of masonry since. JVS is certified with the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute. We have qualified masons, operators, and mason tenders that strive for safety, quality, and production. JVS Masonry is a hands-on company from the start, we provide value engineering options, high quality estimates, top quality craftsmanship and professionalism, knowledge at job meetings and in the field.

Buckner & Sons Masonry, Inc. is a certified MBE, DBE, EDGE, LEDE owned masonry construction company. We have built a reputation for quality workmanship, dependability, fair pricing and completing projects in a timely manner within the Columbus, OH and surrounding areas. Buckner and Sons has over 25 years of service to the community: erecting schools, office buildings, and beautifying our neighborhoods with structures that bring value to the community. Buckner & Sons Masonry, Inc. has been awarded with prestigious honors on the national, state and local levels including: Minority Business Enterprise, Small Business Administration Certificate, Rosie the River, Small Business Person of the Year Award (Ohio) and more.