River High School Athletic Facility Renovation

The River High School Field House addition and renovation is an example of Wolf Creek Contracting’s ability to take a building that needed torn down and turn into a fully functioning athletic facility that River High School can be proud of. WCC provided general contracting services as well as self-performed interior finishes and exterior concrete. The project involved the construction of a new field house and partial renovation of an existing building. Scopes of work for this project include demolition, concrete, masonry, interior architectural elements installation (such as lockers and bathroom dividers), windows and doors, drywall and interior finishes, flooring, elevator installation, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fencing, and overseeing the delivery and installation of gym equipment. The biggest challenge to this project was the impact of COVID-19 as it greatly delayed material lead times, such as the bricks used on the buildings’ envelope. Despite material shortages, this project was completed on schedule and under budget. The completed athletic facility is as gorgeous as it is functional and is sure to be an asset to River High School for decades to come.

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River High School Athletic Facility Renovation


Switzerland of Ohio School District


Hanibal, Ohio



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